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Sometimes in life, we get an unexpected diagnosis, without any real comfort as to the outcome.  We have created Chapters to make sure no one misses an opportunity to convey just how much they love those closest to them.  So often in life, we simply don’t take the time to say: “I love you”!

Our Archival Video platform gives you the ability to create, with ease, a video, or multiple videos, for those you love, and can archive them to be sent within days or possible years from the date you made them.   

Can you imagine if someone you have loved would have done that for you? 

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Chapters Mission Statement

Legacies make a difference.  You will be able to draw strength and find meaning in living each day from those whom you choose to travel with you during this difficult chapter of your life. 

The ability to preserve your voice and personality within the unique videos you create for each of your loved ones allows your legacy to live on.

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Your free, secure Chapters platform helps you and your loved ones create and share memories that make living feel meaningful and worthwhile – now, during this challenging chapter of your life – and for future generations.

Invite your inner circle to communicate in a private place and let them help and support you.

Post private journal entries and/or ask your loved ones to contribute to your story. Find strength and hope together.

Make and share memories to find meaning in living each day, and create your own video legacy that share your love and words of wisdom for generations.

Chapters allows each diagnosed person who is accepted into this platform, to create a very special and secure storage area, that we call a Vault.  You then choose who is invited to share in the features of your Vault, mostly likely those most close to you.

  • Journals ** – Private and/or shared communication streams including text and photos.
  • Archived Video ** – This feature allows you to create videos lasting for generations and could be for a grandchild’s wedding 20 years from the date of creation.
  • Tribute ** – An area attached to the Vault that allows people the opportunity to share how you impacted their life (and maybe you didn’t even know it).   This feature is by invitation only. In other words anyone can make a request, but only the owner and/or designated helper can let a person into this section.
  • Commemorations ** – This segment is designed for use during a funeral. It allows anyone wishing to convey special thoughts about the person, whose life is being celebrated, to do so by posting their thoughts for the family within this section of the Vault.

Features to come: Button of Hope **, Helps Calendar ** and Pause **

** Unique and protected under Trade Dress/Trademark laws.

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For Physicians

People with cancer have a very special bond with their physicians and rely on them to diagnose and treat them. Patients and their families also look to their physicians for encouragement, hope and direction. Many, if not most, physicians, including those practicing medical oncology are “time squeezed” managing treatment and side effects and may not have as much time as they’d like to fully explore their patients’ emotional concerns.

Chapters might be a tool that physicians can suggest to encourage patients to try and live each day with meaning and purpose during treatment and recovery, or during cancer recurrence or progressive phases of care. Perhaps Chapters can also aid physicians in discussing end of life care, as they help patients explore what accomplishments matter most to them at their current stage of life. For many patients, this includes the family being together, making memories, and having a chance to shape their personal legacy – Chapters TimeCapsules can help them with this. We also believe that TimeCapsules can assist families with their grief and recovery process – and allow their loved ones to remain a cherished presence in their lives.

In response to an introductory meeting to discuss the Chapters vision that Sandy Wheeler, Chapters Founder had with Mitch Garrison, MD, President of the Wenatchee Valley Medical Group and Pete Rutherford, MD, CEO of Confluence Health, they responded in a thank you letter to Sandy Wheeler.

“We want to express how impressed we were with the capabilities and vision cast for Chapters TimeCapsules, the Tribute piece, the Daily Journals, and the Commemorations aspect that deal with life during diagnosis, treatment and in the leaving of a life’s legacy during this season and challenge of our patient’s life. What you presented was inspiring and something we have never seen before, and something we believe would be very beneficial to our patients immediately, especially those that have been diagnosed with a life-threatening, and/or progressive debilitating disease.”

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A Little Bit About Us

Who We Are

Dianna and I got married in 1971 and have 5 children and 12 grandchildren. My wife got the dream of her life and that was to be a full-time Mom and Nana and she is exceptional at both.

I spent time in Vietnam (1968-70) and had a Top Secret clearance with the US Navy. I met my wife while attending college. I was fortunate to work as a CPA after college and went on to co-found a company called Direct Focus in 1985 which manufactured and marketed the Bowflex Exercise Equipment line. We eventually purchased Nautilus and Stairmaster and the company now trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:NLS). Post 9/11 I was sponsored by the NSA to get my Top Secret Clearance back to help with a project critical to our national security and work with Boeing, Booz Allen, Raytheon and Computer Science Corporation. That project is still Top Secret to this day.

But cancer doesn’t care.

Cancer doesn’t care who you are or what you’ve accomplished. It’s an indiscriminate, heartless disease, as are any debilitating or potentially deadly diseases that choose their targets. And my family, like so many others, has come face-to-face with cancer.

We can’t cure cancer. But we can take personal, professional experiences and our resources, to help make a difference in the lives of others, fighting their personal battles. I can’t imagine a greater reward than helping people in their greatest time of need and I am grateful for each person who helps Chapters achieve this incredible and humbling mission.

To learn more about my background, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

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    If you have ever had a loved one touched by cancer or another life-threatening or debilitating illness, you know the kind of devastation it causes. Perhaps the worst part is the feeling of helplessness to do anything meaningful.

    Cancer alone touches the lives of millions of people and their caring system of family and friends. The American Cancer Society projects that 19 million people will be living with a history of cancer over the next 10 years. In 2016 an estimated 1.7 million cancer diagnoses were given and there were 595,690 recorded deaths.

    We are in search of compassionate and like-minded hearts to support Chapters and we are currently raising funds to make our vision a reality. This website launched as part of our efforts to garner support. Our goal is to beta test the Chapters product in 2018.

    Please know that 100% of your donation will help us make that happen. We have developed performance metrics to measure our progress and will share results with donors as they become available.

    Thank you!

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