Your free, secure Chapters platform helps you and your loved ones create and share memories that make living feel meaningful and worthwhile – now, during this difficult chapter in your life –  and for future generations.


Invite your inner circle to communicate in a private place and let them help and support you.
Post private journal entries and/or ask your loved ones to contribute to your story. Find strength and hope together.
Make and share memories to find meaning in living each day, and create your own video legacy so that you can live on for future generations.

My Vault

A personal, secure platform that contains memories composed of text, images, video, and/or audio and contains all communication to and from the individual.

  • My Journals – private and/or shared communication streams including text, music, videos and photos. Text and photos can be downloaded into book format.
  • Let Others Help Calendar – the individual or family member can post a need on a calendar and loved ones can respond by signing up to take care of it! This allows them to help in a meaningful way.
  • Button of Hope – a major illness disrupts a person’s reality and their entire family’s life. Finding a way forward to carry on living each day requires hope. Messages of hope will reside at the push of the “Button” to provide comfort and inspiration.
  • Just Laugh – laughter has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to one’s health. Access to multiple venues that can help people take a time out and just laugh will be provided.

Family Vault

Stores TimeCapsules, Tributes and Commemorations that contain memories that are composed of text, images, video, and/or audio. TimeCapsules are stored long term for future access and assigned distribution dates.

  • TimeCapsules – private video memories created to preserve the person’s personality and legacy for future generations. TimeCapsules are stored into the future and intended to be opened on a specific date or event, for example a special birthday, wedding or birth of a child.
  • Tributes – by invitation only, private memories sent to the individual by loved ones. Text and photos can be downloaded into book format.
  • Commemorations – private memories can be sent to the family for a week prior to or after the individual’s funeral or memorial service. Text and photos can be downloaded into book format.


So what’s next?

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